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Creation of Goal and its Control (record of webinars)

Webinar presenter: Irina Mokrushina
Language of Webinar: English
Type of Webinar: Elective Lecture (record)

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Based on the authorized seminars by Grigori Grabovoi “The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Creation of Goal of Control”, “The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Control of Goals” dated December  21st,  2004

Webinar Title: “Creation of Goal and its Control” (Lesson 1, Lesson 2)
Webinar presenter: Irina Mokrushina
Language of Webinar: English
Webinar Type: Elective course (record of webinar)


Day 1    Creation of Control Goal

  • How people set goals.
  • Types of goals.
  •  Sustainability of the goal.
  • Goal as an action of the Soul and God.
  • Reality of man as a primordial goal of his control and God’s objectives.
  • The personal and fundamental.
  • Goal core.
  • The velocity of setting the goal.
  • Pre-control action.
  • Location of control.
  • Time in controlling.
  • Safe energy insurance.
  • Resource of the past.
  • Concept of leadership.
  • Correction of events.
  • Final formation of the goal.


  • Chess technique.
  • Control from “Positive Platform”.
  • Practice with collective consciousness systems.

Day 2  Control of Goals

  • Control status.
  • Goal motive. Specification of goal.
  • Reality of the future.
  • Macro regulation.
  • How to define the beginning of the action. Relevance.
  • Role of comprehension in the process of the goal setting.
  • Control the goal implementation.
  • Acceleration of the goal implementation.
  • Knowledge transfer as development process.
  • Correlation of the action.
  • How to measure the end of a deal.
  • Optical structure of the Soul.
  • Integrated approach as a level of the objective control.
  • Goal as a system.

Technology to create eternal physical body.
How to transfer from a word to business. “Glove” technique.
Optical impulse technique.


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