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The beginning of the educational program on Grigori Grabovoi`s Teachings.

The program of the Teachings should be developed from the very beginning, from certificates and protocols, since they were formed in the earlier period.


Before studying certificates and protocols must be the knowledge about the controllability of the multidimensionality of the world, of the issue of crossing the future with the past. That is, when from the future a man can help himself growing and locating in the past, then the development is more stable, more ensured by safe events – it is the technology of eternal life, some definite opportunity to know the expectant events and correct them if it`s necessary.

The method is as follows: a person asks questions to himself in the future and is waiting for concrete answers or feels that it is better to do from this contact with himself in the future. Thus, simultaneously the control of your future events is laying.

Before starting to study certificates and protocols, trainings on controlling events are also included in the initial knowledge of training on the Teachings:

  1. The practice of concentration at any point of space to find a lost item after this concentration or improve the events.
  2. The practice of reaching the event, acquiring good knowledge through periodic concentrations on the hands and feet and space around them.
  3. Intuitive acquisition of information about future events: the forecast for the nearest events with the purpose of normalization the events when it`s necessary and the acquisition of confirmation.
  4. Periodic perception by the inner spiritual vision and the soul of all future events and the inner, spiritual correction of them if it`s necessary till receiving the signal about the achieving harmony in these events.
  5. Assistance in the rehabilitation of surrounding people through simple listening to their complaints about health and the spiritual action aimed at normalization.

Trainings are made in such a way that people beginning to study the Teachings are posed the problems written in the paragraphs 1-5 and the students start to solve them basing on their existing knowledge, even if they have not studied yet seminars, lectures.

Then the texts of certificates and protocols of the three-volume edition «The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation» have been studied in the ascending order of the dates and then lectures, seminars and works in accordance with the dates in the ascending order.