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Séminaire en ligne avec les 22 dispositifs PRK1U tri-modes avec diamants du Centre Éducatif de Belgrade connectés en réseau, pour le développement des concentrations de la vie éternelle

En 2022 * 4 séminaires, Enseignante : Maryline Durand

Du 3 au 12 mars 2022 HARMONIE & CONSCIENCE

Enseignements sur le Salut et le Développement Harmonieux

Du 1er au 10 juin 2022 Le CORPS PHYSIQUE

Méthodes de Régénération vers le Corps Éternel

Du 20 au 29 septembre 2022 La REALITE FONDAMENTALE

Construction du monde, entre dynamique et statique

Du 21 au 30 novembre 2022 TECHNOLOGIES DE LUMIERE

Joie, Amour, Lumière et Clairvoyance

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Dear Sublicensees, Distributors, Attorneys!

For the wide dissemination of Grigori Grabovoi's Teaching "On Salvation and Harmonious Development", we offer you to get acquainted more thoroughly with the materials of expert opinions which officially and scientifically confirm the uniqueness and effectiveness of human Consciousness technologies, which are built on the principle of "do not destroy" and are aimed at ...

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Dear friends!

The Educational Center of Grigori Grabovoi invites you to the optional WEBINAR "Health Formulas"

Date: January 14, 2022 Friday

Time: 8pm CET, 11am Pacific, noon Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern

Teacher: Evgeniya Uzyukina
English Translation by Delia Dykes

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Dear Sublicensees, Distributors, Attorneys, Teachers and other Followers of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi!

The Company GRIGORI GRABOVOI DOO, represented by the director Grigorii Grabovoi, sent letters to heads of all states of the world in 2020. The letters contain a link to the website, where, on a charitable basis, a free of charge broadcasting device, in accordance with the patent, remotely protects from coronavirus infection COVID-19 ....

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